Patron Saint Celebration

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Our Parish patron Saint St. John, Apostle and Evangelist, feast day is soon here. We will have our first Feast Day celebration on Saturday the 28th of December at the 1300 hour mass and then a celebration in the Church Reception area.

We are fortunate and blessed to be able to rent Bredtvedt church for our Catholic operations, with daily mass celebrations , catechism classes for children, teenagers, choir and religious ministering for multi nationalities that are a part of our Parish. Today we have a little more than 7500 members and are continuously growing and developing.
Let us join together and pray for our Parish to be holy as we preach God ‘s Kingdom to all nations.
During the light of this holy season, we in-vite all of you to our Patron Feast at Mass on Saturday the 28th of December at 1300 hours and a party following Mass.