Letter from Bishop Bernt I. Eidsvig


Dear parishioners,

As it has emerged in the media, Thursday 26th of February, the Oslo police investigators conducted a search-in operation in the Diocese office in Akersveien 5. This was enforce due to suspicion that the Diocese has registered more Catholic members than it should be.Furthermore, provisional charges took into account against the Diocese, an administrative employee, and me.

My administrative body and I are very unhappy about this situation. Our intention has never been to record someone against their will, or to receive subsidy from non-Catholics. Nevertheless, we must face the fact that an unfortunate shortcoming occurred. We are currently working hard to ensure that our registration records are correct and to the utmost give the police all the information they need.

We are also making our own investigations. Since January this year, an independent internal investigation is working on the situation to find out what has happened. We are now awaiting for their report and we will keep you updated about the results and conclusions.

This situation is a great burden for diocesan administration and myself, and for you parishioners, who is charge with something you do not have responsibility for. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I am also grateful if you could pray for my colleagues and me.

Yours in Christ,

+Bernt I. Eidsvig

Bishop of Oslo and Apostolic Administrator of Trondheim Diocese – Central Norway