The first month in the Holy Year of Mercy

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De15The Holy Year of Mercy has formally launch with Pope Francis solemn opening of the Holy Door in St. Peter`s Basilica last December 8, 2015. Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI is also present in the said event. This mercy comes primarily from God the Father, who sent his Son Jesus Christ to the world. The Christmas gospel (Luke 2:1-20) as we all familiar with and ceremoniously preparing to celebrate, tell us accurately and thoroughly on how the city of David, Bethlehem, firstly welcomed and gave room to God`s grace and dwelt among us humans.

Action: Advent invites us to reflect on what God did for us humans, that God became human yet without sin. God did this to take away all sins humans have committed, against God, against our fellow humans and to our own selves.

Reflection: If we remember the Rainbow during Noah`s time, wherein humans lifestyle was so focused on sin that God in His wrath would destroy the earth. For a Creator (God) who had come to the conclusion of eradicating His creation (earth) is not an easy decision. For 40 days, winds, storms, and thunders ravaged the earth so much that all the sins drowned along with any sign of life. Fortunately, not everything is vanished. Through God`s mercy and grace, deliver Noah`s family from the diluvium. And with Noah`s faithfulness and gentleness, people could live to the present day and hopefully for many years to come. God promised that He will never destroy the earth because of His anger, and the rainbow is the sign of that promised. God let the diluvium happened inorder to rinse the people from all sins so that the humanity should be free from all sins. But we are all aware that the human thoughts are weak! As the human race developed so comes the sin. Pride, greed, jealousy, power and money, gossips and backtalks makes humans go back to their erroneous ways. But this time we will not be just cleansed with water from the diluvium but we will be cleansed by the Holy Spirit and our faith on Jesus Christ.

Consideration: What can I do to gain God`s confidence? How do I interpret the message of Christmas gospel in today`s society? What are my weaknesses? What are my strengths? Am I full of pride? Am i greedy? How often am I jealous of others? Do i have desire for power? Am I a slave for money? Do I gossip a lot? Do I talk behind other back and abased them while exalting myself?

Prayer: I pray with all my heart to love you God with all my heart and mind, help me to love my family members, relatives, friends, acquintances, and fellow human that I meet everyday.God, teach me and give me courage and strength to forg

Deed: I will give smile to everyone I know, that it may bring them joy. I will respect others, that I may learn to respect you, my God. I will pray for others, that by doing so, Your great mercy will be bestowed upon me. I will visit You more in the House of the Lord so that you will not be lonely. I shall be generous, that it will learn me to be charitable and compassionate.