Standing together against violence and persecution in Iraq

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Appeal 13. August 2014

Irak2The Catholic Church and Caritas stand together in solidarity for all people who are persecuted and attacked by terrorist from the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq.

Christians, Yazidis and other minorities are subjected to serious abuse and need our support. At least 200,000 Iraqis have been displaced just this last week. In Erbil, at least 180,000 have sought refuge. We condemn the persecution of both individuals and religious groups.

Pope Francis prayed for the victims of the conflict in Iraq during his Angelus in Rome last Sunday. He came with the following message.

-Thousand of people, including many Christians, are brutally evicted from their homes, children die of hunger and thirst while fleeing, woman are kidnapped, people massacred. There is violence of all types and destruction everywhere. All this is profound violation of God and a profound violation of humanity.

Caritas, the Church’s official support organization, encourages solidarity with our fellow human beings who are in this desperate situation.

Christians in the West can not be indifferent to this. Several of the camps report that newborn children, old and sick now die from disease, thirst and malnutrition.

Caritas International have already delivered water, food and mattresses to over 3000 families in Erbil and other cities in the area.

On Sunday the 17th of August our church collections will go to help victims of violence and war. We encourage you to be generous in helping our suffering brothers and sisters in Iraq.

Biskop Bernt Eidsvig of the Oslo and Trondheim Catholic Diocese
Biskop Berislav Grgić av Tromsø stift
Martha Skretteberg, General Secretary in Caritas Norge