Letter from Ola Beisvåg

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Dear Parishoners,
ola beisvågAfter 28 years of being a priest, I will retire and move to Råde in Østfold this summer. From 1986 to 1993 I was a priest in Bredtvet and from 1993 I was a parish priest in Grorud. The last years I have been a senior priest in the newly consolidated Grorud Song diocese.
During all my years I have worked with ecumenical cooperation with other churches. There is only one Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, but we have 4 Evangelist. This says that the Christian faith can be expressed and practised in different ways. That is why it is important that we as christians stand together with the Gospel and learn from each others lives, tradition and experiences. This is my dream that one day we can celebrate the Eucharistic together.
For me the mass is the central point of the Church’s life. That is why it was a big day for me when St. Olav Parish first was allowed to use Romsås Church. Now, I am happy that you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, St. Johannes Parish are using Bredtvedt Church. I was the pastor at this church for seven years. The church has become beautiful and solemn and helps us to focus on holiness. Last Sunday I saw the new crusifix and I am looking forward to seeing the new artwork behind the alter that will soon be in place.
The Norwegian Church has many churches in Groruddalen that are available for Lutherans. Therefore ,I am overjoyed that so many Catholics now also have a place to celebrate mass. My wish is that you will also be able to take over the basement in the Church, so you will have enough room for the activities in your Parish.
It is also my wish that my successors will continue the ecumenical work in Groruddalen.
God bless your parish and I will continue to pray for St. Johannes Parish.
Ola Beisvåg