Parish Council 2014


Now is the time for planning the election of Parish Council’s in the diocese of Oslo. The deadline of establishing a council is the first of June.
This is very important step for the development of our congregation, and will be the first council since the establishment of our Parish on the 15th of March, 2013. We ask that everyone takes time to pray for the Church’s decisions. We also encourage all to be active in this election by either nominating candidates or to be available as a candidate.
Election committee member are:
Juwachim Reginold, Cindy S.C Cho, Fredricque Theosophe, Joyce Ross Hemminghytt og ekteparet Benjamin og Ofelia Naceno.
Who is eligible to be a candidate:
Paragraph 7, Statutes for Parish Council in Oslo catholic diocese reads:
All congregation members over age 16 who have received the sacrament of Confirmation can vote in elections to the parish council, being elected to the Parish Council and be appointed by the pastor to the parish council.
The parish council members are elected for two years. Next elections will then be in 2016. Par-ish council consists of: parish priests, 4 to 10 members elected by the congregation, 1 to 3 members appointed by the parish priest (Section 4).
St. Johannes congregation shall elect nine members of the congregation and two will be ap-pointed by the parish priest.
The parish council «shall the believers, with those who by virtue of their offices share in the pas-toral care of the parish, helping to promote the pastoral work» (CIC, can. 536 § 1; cf. Cannon-ball. 511-514 and 528 – 529).
We emphasize that the members of the parish council are the faithful voices for promoting is-sues of the parish council, so that the church’s needs, concerns and productive ideas for congre-gational development is realized in the most correct manner.
Election Day for Parish Council is scheduled: Sunday June 22, the feast of Christ’s body and blood, after all masses. Candidates for election will be published in the parish magazine in week 24 and 25.
Nomination of candidates can be sent to: Oslo st.johann @ or by contacting the Elec-tion Committee. The deadline for nominations of candidates is Saturday 07.juni. After this date the Election Committee will not accept nominations. The committee will during this time also find candidates for election. Do not be surprised if you get the inquiry.
We encourage everyone to help build the church to the glory of God and the soul’s redemption.
The election committee wants to wish the congregation luck with your choice.