St. Johannes has now established a Caritas Committee


We are pleased to announce to the congregations that a Caritas committee is established.

The committee members are:

Juwachim Reginold chairman, Cindy S.C Cho,
member, Joyce Ross Hemminghhytt, member,
Benjamin and Ofelia Naceno, member, Leonie
Leonen Gelacio, member.

The committee will meet regularly so they can begin doing charitable work in the parish. It is
not intended that The Carita’s group will do all the work. All members of the parish are encouraged to participate in charitable activities for the betterment of our parish and God’s Church. This is also a big part of the pastoral work, we can offer. The group will focus on activities for the elderly in Groruddalen, such as visiting services and possibly having a lunch gathering during the day. The first activity that the committee will work on is St. Johannes 1 year anniversary, on the 1st of May. We will inform you with more information as the project progresses. The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 1st at 1900 hours in St.
Matteus meeting room. We will further discuss what type of event is possible and how we will organize it. We welcome ideas and suggestions. We are grateful for your input. We strongly urge that more people join the group. Come to the meeting or send your suggestions to:

Juwachim Reginold: